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Buying Online...Will You Get "White Glove" Delivery Service?

Shopping online for a Lift Chair for yourself or a loved one? Before you order that chair, take a look at our "Lift Chair Buyers Guide". and avoid hassles and frustration at the time of delivery or additional costs for a "premium delivery service" because you weren't told the company only delivers to the door. Consider this at anytime you make a purchase of a large or cumbersome item online.

Lift Chair Buyers Guide

We hear so much varying information about lift chairs and recliners from our customers that ranges from totally inaccurate to partially true to missing critical parts of what is the whole story, we felt that a resource offering some straightforward, truthful facts would be helpful. Never have the words caveat emptor ( Latin for "Let the buyer beware") been more accurate!

I write this aid because after years of dealing with our customers, I see no higher level of satisfaction and peace of mind possible than buying your lift chair locally from a reputable factory authorized dealer who can both sell and service what they sell. I need not remind you before we start that the vendors who sell on the internet are not always vested in subscribing to the highest standards (no matter how reputable). Here is the most common comment we hear . . . . . .

free local white glove delivery

“We found it cheaper on the internet”

Easily the number one objection we encounter is that a customer has found. There is a lot to consider here. We are told by our customers that not only is what they are looking at on line cheaper but they can get it with “free delivery”. As an old news commentator used to say  “But wait! There’s more to the story”! Let’s compare our local operation to those huge internet Goliaths:

Global Medical Equipment provides:

1) True “Free Local White Glove Delivery” at no extra cost! A $200 - $250 Value!!

Our online competition does offer “Free Delivery”. That is curbside delivery in the box and does not include unpacking, breaking down and hauling away the packaging. You can pay for “white glove” delivery which provides that additional level of service for $200 to $250 extra. It becomes a big equalizer on price if “white glove” delivery is requested and you add that amount to their “low” purchase price. 

2) When a product has to be shipped, Global Medical Equipment receives and inspects your purchase before you ever see it. If there are any defects, Global Medical Equipment’s factory trained technician’s catch it immediately and resolve any issues. You have the piece of mind of knowing we are delivering a product to you free of blemishes and in perfect working order.

A purchase on line means you’ll be receiving a delivery in every case. Non factory trained delivery people deliver your chair and if something is wrong, it becomes your responsibility to deal with the return. It is a cumbersome process! 

3) Global Medical Equipment services what we sell locally. If you were ever to have an issue, we have trained staff who knows our chairs inside out. And you will generally get service out to you the same day or at latest the next day.

We get calls to see if we can come service merchandise purchased elsewhere or over the internet. While we try to help when we can, we don’t service some products. We have heard stories of long delays in order to get a repair technician out when dealing through an on line vendor. 

4) Global Medical Equipment offers “same day” delivery when you purchase a new chair off of our showroom floor!

AND FINALLY . . . . . . . . .