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We hear it almost every time we do our "Free Equipment Repair Day" promotion at an Assisted Living Community..."how much do I owe you?" The answer is always the same..."nothing, nada, zip"! It's rewarding to see the reaction of the residents where we hold these events when we tell them they owe us nothing but, hopefully a phone call if they ever need durable medical equipment in the future.

What is "Free Equipment Repair Day"?

While on deliveries we routinely observed residents with mobility equipment and devices that were in need of basic attention, things like brakes not working properly, wheels on wrong, etc. Global Medical decided to take a truck and a technician out to the local assisted living communities and do the simple, in some cases, much needed maintenance and repairs. We added batteries and nylon ski glides to the supplies on the truck and those two items we do charge for but the curb service, installation and labor is still  FREE! It's a "win-win" for everyone.

At first, the management of some of the assisted living communities were skeptical but now we are invited to stay and have lunch after the repairs are completed. When there is a question or concern with some equipment the management at the assisted living communities will give us a call. Global Medical Equipment and Supplies provides a valuable service and is recognized as a valued member of the community that serves our senior population!

For more information and to schedule a Free Equipment Repair Day at your location, contact Jay ONeill of Global Medical Equipment and Supplies, Inc. at 951-200-6555. 

Charity for Charity

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Darrell Gets a New Scooter

On any given day you might see 85 year old Temecula resident Darrell Cole motoring around old town and even as far as Murrieta on his scooter. Darrell had polio early in life and in 1964 was again injured in an accident involving a drunk driver. Now his scooter is his lifeline with the outside world. And you can be sure when you see him that he will have his little dog and trusty sidekick Deletta Mae there riding in the basket in front of him. Darrell will be the first to tell you that Deletta Mae is family. He even shared with a smile that if you invite him anyplace and tell him to leave “the dog” at home, neither one of them is going to show up. And when he talks with you, there is a definite twinkle in his eye that coincides with his sly humor. Make no mistake; Darrell is one very sharp 85 year old.


Darrell first moved to the Temecula area in 1984 and then to the Old Town in 1989 where he still lives today. Other than Deletta Mae, he lives alone. After that accident back in 1964 Darrell was told he was paraplegic and would never walk again. But this is one man who will not be told what he can and can’t do when it comes to his own disability. Perhaps driven by need or by determination and more than likely by both, Darrell developed the ability to move around just enough using crutches to be able to transfer himself at home from his scooter to a chair or the rolling barstool he uses to get around in his kitchen.

There have been a couple of recent articles written about Darrell and Deletta Mae. It all began when Murrieta resident Marsha Anderson saw Darrell on his scooter and stopped to talk with him. Marsha is president and founder of an organization called Seniors Having One Wish (S.H.O.W.) Foundation. It is the polar opposite of the Make a Wish Foundation for children. Marsha spoke with Darrell for a bit and noted that his scooter was in very distressed condition. It was held together in places with duct tape and he shared that the brakes no longer worked properly. S.H.O.W. is a new charitable 501(c)3 organization without much in the way of funding just yet but Marsha was going to find a way to get Darrell a new scooter. She approached Global Medical Equipment and Supplies, Inc in Murrieta for help. She asked if Global Medical Equipment would be interested in making the very first major donation to the very first recipient of the foundation. The owners at Global Medical Equipment jumped on board. In the ensuing days Marsha tracked Darrell down and arranged for one of the Global owners to meet Darrell and evaluate his scooter and determine how his needs could best be met. That meeting was also attended by a reporter from one of our local/regional newspapers who was working on a human interest story involving Darrell and the S.H.O.W. Foundation. After meeting Darrell and determining his needs Global Medical decided that they were in a position to help and work began on preparing a new scooter and choosing a date for the presentation.

On Wednesday November 2 nd, 2011 at Global Medical Equipment’s store in Murrieta Marsha Anderson and the Seniors Having One Wish (S.H.O.W.) Foundation made its first donation to its first recipient Mr. Darrell Cole of a new four wheel red scooter. At the presentation Darrell shared that he hadn’t slept well the night before in anticipation of getting the new scooter. Darrell wasn’t alone. That anticipation was shared by all that were involved in getting him his new scooter. Ride on Darrell in good health!

You may contact Jay ONeill at 951-200-6555 for more information