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Hospital beds provide a variety of benefits to caregivers and patients. Hospital beds give users the capability to adjust their head and feet on their own making it easy to eat, read, and watch TV. Caregivers also choose hospital beds for their ease of moving and adjustable bed height. At Global Medical, we offer a variety of options to match your needs. Our friendly staff is happy to help you. Browse our selection to determine which bed is right for you.


Medical Bed Accessories

Hospital bed accessories provide a variety of additional benefits for patients and caregivers. Bed rails aid in turning and repositioning in bed and they give the patient a greater feeling of comfort and security. They also reduce the risk of falling out bed when being transported. We also carry pressure pads that are placed on top of the mattress to improve circulation and help prevent bed sores. Increase the comfort of your loved ones with our selection of hospital bed accessories.


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