Wounded Warrior Family Support


Sgt. William “Billy” Hamlett, USMC Ret

Wounded Warrior

Our paths first crossed just before Christmas of 2015. Sergeant William “Billy” Hamlett and his wife Krystle first came into our store for a light weight wheelchair that was going to be paid for by the Wounded Warrior Family Support fund. Through an evolution of events involving interaction by Global Medical with Wounded Warrior Family Support and Krystle Hamlett, we were honored to be a part of a 2015 Christmas surprise of a new Golden “Envy” portable power chair for Sgt. Hamlett. The day he came around the corner of his home in Murrieta and saw the power chair sitting there in his driveway with a bow on it, there wasn’t a dry eye to be found. He was expecting a lightweight wheelchair. Little did he and Krystle know that we were listening when they were in the store and he had mentioned how nice it would be to have one of those portable power chairs we had on display. After they left that day we called Wounded Warrior Family Support and asked if a power chair would be a possibility for Sgt. Hamlett and if so, Global Medical Equipment would provide the lightweight transport chair. The representative from Wounded Warrior Family Support said it would so we then brought Krystle in on the plans. All this time Sgt. Hamlett had no idea though that everyone had been busy making the power chair a reality for him. Wounded Warrior Family Support worked their magic and Global Medical added a donated transport chair at the same time to help make the surprise complete.

Now fast forward to 2016. We wrote to local Temecula, CA nonprofit Charity for Charity on behalf of Sgt. Hamlett recommending him as a recipient for their annual “Stars of the Valley” event and he was chosen. It’s no wonder! This US Marine served four deployments before being wounded in a rocket attack while on deployment at his combat outpost in Afghanistan. He suffered a variety of injuries including traumatic brain injury, skeletal injuries and PTSD that affects his ability to walk and has left him in constant pain. His unit was awarded the prestigious Presidential Unit Citation for that last deployment. In a poignant letter written on behalf of Sgt. Hamlett by his Commanding Officer in Afghanistan, LtCol Fulford, USMC notes that he has commanded thousands of Marines and knows Sgt. Hamlett by having served with him “in combat as well as in garrison. He is the gold standard by which all other Marine noncommissioned officers (NCOs) are measured”. I am constantly reminded of the fact that there are heroes amongst us. Sgt. William “Billy” Hamlett stands tall among that group and as a Vietnam Veteran myself Global Medical Equipment salutes him and all of our fellow veterans service and sacrifice. We are again honored to have had the chance to be of service to Sgt. Hamlett, his wife Krystle and their family.


This van will not only help Sgt. Hamlett it will help all those that help him on a daily basis. Lifting wheelchairs in and out of vehicles can cause physical health problems for caregivers.

Please help Sgt. Hamlett receive a Handicapped Accessible Van and gain Independence by donating to the GoFundMe account set-up to help offset a little of the cost of the handicapped accessible van, https://www.gofundme.com/helpaveterangainindependence. This van will not only help Sgt. Hamlett, it will help all those who help him on a daily basis. Lifting wheelchairs in and out of vehicles can cause physical health problems for caregivers.

Thank you for your generous donations!

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